Group Strategic Objectives

To achieve our strategy we have set ourselves short- and medium-term objectives and initiatives which are reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. these initiatives and objectives address our key risks, key stakeholder concerns and our strategic growth aspirations.

The strategic focus areas set in the prior year have remained largely unchanged and are the basis for measuring management’s performance, starting with the Chief Executive then cascaded to direct reports, and in turn, throughout the organisation. These form our roadmap for the foreseeable future, with our progress in the past year and objectives ahead for each of the following five strategic pillars forming the basis for the rest of this management report:

Improve our existing operations and guest experience

In challenging the assumption that the markets in which we operate are relatively mature, we are actively looking at how to maximise the value we can create through improving the guest experience. Ensuring that current and new guests keep choosing Sun International properties as their destination of choice - through offering a great experience - is core to this focus area.

Protect and leverage our existing asset portfolio

We have a diverse strategy of assets including world class five star hotels, modern and well located casinos and some of the world's premier resorts. In evaluating our strategy we have identified those properties which could be better leveraged and those which need protection.

Grow our business into new areas and products

While there is good growth still to be had from our existing assets, we are considering other geographies that offer attractive gambling opportunities, in particular within Latin America. We are also closely considering the alternative gaming market which continues to experience strong growth.

Our people

Our people make achieving our strategic objectives possible. Given our highly competitive service-oriented industry, their energy, motivation and ability to provide our guests with memorable experiences are key to our success and sustainability.

Governance and sustainability

We have developed a credible track record that underlies our corporate reputation. Governance and sustainability are fundamental to Sun International's operations and are an integral part of our strategy and decision-making processes, at board and management levels and within our operations.