Sun International Health and Safety Management Strategy

Sun International has historically managed Health and Safety (H&S) at a property level, with no formal strategic direction from a Group perspective. This resulted in operations developing internal systems and managing H&S at an operational level, using and depending solely on internal resources. With the South African health and safety legislation becoming more cumbersome and imposing stricter requirements on companies and their operations, Sun International shifted their focus in 2014, to developing a Group Health and Safety Strategy that was aimed at creating synergies across our operations.  However, due to the deteriorating economic climate, the Group Strategy was delayed and it was only in 2016 that the group had the opportunity to realign its objectives, and developed a Group H&S Strategy which was aimed at creating a standardised approach to managing H&S across all of our properties. Sun International’s Health and Safety Strategy and its Health and Safety Policy demonstrates its commitment to creating a safe and healthy operating environment and its continual improvement towards achieving a sustainable business strategy.

Through our H&S journey, Sun International identified the need to have a sustainable business approach when dealing with H&S, Environmental, Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development in the Group.  It was with this in mind that the Group recently established a Sustainability Department that would house all the above mentioned services. Health and Safety forms a pivotal role in this department and contributes to the Group’s Sustainability strategy through:

  • Managing its H&S legal and reputational risks;
  • Allowing Sun International to make a meaningful impact on communities’ health and safety; and
  • Creating the platform to ensure that our supply chain is managed with the Group’s health and safety needs taken into account.

As part of the Group’s sustainability strategy, the management and coordination of Sun International’s H&S initiatives are now done at a Group level and are able to consider all aspects of health and safety and not just those at and operational level.

Sun International is committed to protecting the health and safety of our people and stakeholders, which is the key objective of our Health and Safety Management strategy.  We will achieve our strategic objectives through the integration of health and safety management processes throughout the development, operation and management of all our properties.

Sun International’s Health and Safety Management strategy contributes to the overall protection of all stakeholders by:

  • Identifying, evaluating and mitigating our health and safety risks;
  • Maintaining compliance with relevant legislation;
  • Establishing H&S management systems based on International Standards;
  • Protecting our employees against H&S risks;
  • Applying H&S criteria in the procurement of goods and services;
  • Streamlining the H&S training process;
  • Continuing to improve awareness among staff; and
  • Embedding an H&S Corporate Culture.

Sun International’s Health and Safety Objectives

To achieve our Health and Safety Management Strategy the Group have set specific objectives, which include:

  • Implementing a Group H&S culture programme;
  • Integrating H&S e-learning into the business;
  • Improving H&S awareness through induction, awareness training and regular communication to staff and guests;
  • Maintaining our current H&S Management Systems, and developing a Group H&S Management system based on ISO 45001;
  • Improving the internal audit process on our H&S Management at property level; and
  • Supporting our H&S Professionals at property level.

Sun International’s Health and Safety Initiatives

The following are some of the initiatives implemented by Sun International to improve the Group’s overall health and safety performance.

Group Health and Safety Practitioners at the Annual Health and Safety Practitioners conference at Sun City.

First Annual Health and Safety Practitioners Conference

As part of our ongoing H&S training and awareness initiatives, Sun International’s first Group Health and Safety Conference was hosted at Sun City in February 2017. Through the interaction with other operational H&S representatives and the sharing of operational successes and failures, Sun International’s H&S teams learnt a lot from each other and were able to identify reasonable solutions to some of their operational challenges. It is anticipated that Sun International will continue hosting these internal Health and Safety Conferences for the foreseeable future.

Internal Health and Safety Awareness Campaign

At Sun International we believe that health and safety is everyone’s responsibly. To ensure we create and promote a health and safety culture amongst all our employees, a quarterly H&S communication goes out to our internal e-mail users highlighting various H&S topics. The topics are identified based on relevant risks within that reporting period, either through incident trends or the seasonal risks that may be applicable.

An example of the type of communications going out to employees:

Health and Safety Awareness that was distributed to the Group in February 2017. The topic chosen was based on Fatigue, due to the increase in fatigue cases being reported after the festive season.

Sun International’s Health and Safety Policy

As part of our Health and Safety Strategy, Sun International regularly reviews and updates its Health and Safety Policy.