Register as a Potential Supplier

Sun International requires all prospective suppliers to register on the Sun International Supplier Database for consideration and potential inclusion in sourcing opportunities within the Sun International group.

It is important that suppliers complete the process in full, and thereafter maintain a current and relevant profile to ensure that you are considered in relevant sourcing activities.

Once you’ve successfully registered on the Sun International Suppliers Database, your organisation’s profile will be available to all the Sun International’s properties to potentially be included in sourcing opportunities where relevant.

We’re committed to offering your company or organisation an opportunity to compete for business within the Sun International group. This is based on the opportunities available, as well as your ability to meet the unique requirements of that opportunity.

It is important to note that registering on the supplier database does not guarantee any business with the group, nor any course of action by Sun International.

If you have contacted one of our properties directly and feel that they have not lived up to this commitment, please contact the Supply Development Manager.

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Sun International Supply Categories

Suppliers can provide relevant services and products related to the following categories:

Required Supplier Supporting Documentation

As a prospective Sun International supplier, your profile will be subjected to compliance validation checks and you may be requested to supply the following documentation prior to finalising your registration as an active supplier: