Sun International


Our Vision

We believe that doing business sustainably is no longer an option, but a competitive business necessity that allows Sun International to integrate strategic business decisions in a manner that will support long-term business success, drive positive social impacts and reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy and commitments ensure Sun International maintains its operational and social licence to operate, and safeguards the group’s longterm prosperity. Our sustainability approach also ensures we continue to meet our vision of providing memorable experiences for our guests, providing employment for our people, delivering superior shareholder returns, creating genuine value for the communities in which we operate and making sure we reduce our environmental footprint at the same time.

Sustainability is interwoven into Sun International’s business strategy and decision-making process, from board and management level to our employees at each of our business units. In line with top management’s commitment to a sustainable business practice, we saw the need for a more formal approach to sustainability group wide. As such, a sustainability department was established in 2017 to support, coordinate and drive the group’s sustainability strategy across all units, standardise policies and procedures group-wide, and ensure all engagement efforts align with the group’s strategic messaging. Environmental, health and safety and socio-economic are the three pillars that are incorporated in the sustainability strategy.

Two of the group’s strategic objectives, in particular our people; and governance and sustainability; ensure that sustainability remains at the heart of our business operations. The group’s sustainability agenda also influences the three other group strategic objectives: improving our existing operations and our guest experience; protecting and leveraging our existing asset portfolio; and growing our business into new areas and products.

In addition to our Sustainability Strategy, our Sustainability Policy highlights Sun International’s commitment to advancing its financial, intellectual, human, social and natural capitals through the continued improvement of our sustainability performance. 

The group is also aligning its current sustainability strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  We believe that the SDGs provide an important roadmap for companies to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.  Although Sun International is only formally aligning and assessing the relevant goals in 2019, we have been working towards addressing various SDGs in our ongoing sustainability journey. For more information refer to Sun International’s Report on Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability Objectives

Some of the key objectives of Sun International’s sustainability strategy are to:

  • Continue to elevate and promote sustainable business practices across all aspects of the group
  • Ensure direct board and executive level oversight and accountability of the three sustainability pillars
  • Create a sustainability culture throughout the group that is linked to our SunWay Formula for success
  • Ensure ongoing performance improvements to achieve our sustainable business targets and objectives
  • Facilitate regular internal and external communication with key stakeholders on sustainability challenges, risk and opportunities
  • Report on sustainability strategies, goals and accomplishments in an open and transparent manner; and
  • Create long-term shared value for all stakeholder directly and indirectly affected by our operations.

Sustainability Pillars

The Sun International Sustainability Strategy is guided by specific objectives and targets across its three pillars of sustainability:


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Health & Safety

Socio-economic Development

Sustainability Culture

A key objective of our sustainability strategy is to embed a sustainability culture throughout the group, and our employees remain the key drivers in effectively implementing this culture through sustainability initiatives within our units. To strengthen this process, a sustainability culture programme is being developed, which informs a tiered approach to achieving behavioural change within Sun International.

Sustainable Engagement

Every aspect of our business interacts with stakeholders and all our stakeholder relationships impact directly and indirectly on our business and its reputation. Key stakeholders include employees, customers and guests, equity partners and debt funders, regulatory and industry bodies, gaming boards, unions, and communities.

Our social and relationship capital has a direct impact on our financial capital, as it influences whether consumers decide to become our guests, whether suppliers choose to be vendors, and whether government believes that we are complying with regulations, giving back to the community and driving economic development.

Sun Internationals stakeholder engagement ensures that the group’s relationships with these stakeholders offer shared value and sustainable socio-economic development opportunities.