Sun International Sustainability

We believe that doing business sustainably is no longer an option, but a competitive necessity that will allow Sun International to integrate strategic business decisions in a manner that will create long-term shared value for our business, society and the environment.

Sun International Sustainability Strategy

Sun International’s sustainability journey started in 1996 and was aimed at creating a company that balanced doing business, with doing good.  Since then the Group’s sustainable business approach has evolved to include measurable sustainability practices that engage all our stakeholders.  In 2016 these business practices resulted in the formulation of Sun International’s first formal sustainability strategy. This strategy demonstrates our business approach with the objective to create long-term value for our shareholders by taking into consideration our business’ impact on our communities, our people, our suppliers and our environment.  In addition to our Sustainability Strategy, our Sustainability Policy highlights Sun International’s commitment to advancing its financial, intellectual, human, social and natural capitals through the continued improvement of our sustainability performance.

In 2017 Sun International established a Sustainability Department that is responsible for developing, implementing, managing and monitoring all aspects related to the environment, health and safety, socio-economic development, and to a greater degree, enterprise and supplier development.  As a JSE-listed company, our open and transparent disclosure of our Group’s sustainability performance, fosters investor confidence, trust with our communities and creates employee loyalty. 

Sun International Sustainability Objectives

Some of the key objectives of Sun International’s sustainability strategy are to:

  • Continue to elevate sustainable business practices in the group
  • Ensure direct board oversight and accountability of the four sustainability pillars
  • Facilitate regular dialogues with key company stakeholders on sustainability challenges, risk and opportunities
  • Report on sustainability strategies, goals and accomplishments in an open and transparent manner; and
  • Ensure systematic performance improvements to achieve our sustainable business targets and objectives across all four sustainability pillars.

Sun International Sustainability Pillars

The Sun International Sustainability Strategy is guided by specific objectives and targets across its three pillars of sustainability:


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Health & Safety

Socio-economic Development