Socio-Economic Development

Long before there was a regulatory requirement for corporations to invest in the communities in which they work, Sun International saw community investment as part of doing sustainable business and ensuring we maintain our social license to operate. Community involvement has been and remains an integral part of Sun International's corporate culture. We have rolled out sustainable investment programmes that continue to have a positive impact on the communities in which we work and that is affected by our operations.

Sun International Socio-Economic Development (SED) Strategy

Sun International has embraced the concept of Creating Shared Value ("CSV"), a well-researched and globally applied model that focuses on aligning business needs with society's needs thereby creating shared value for all – more commonly referred to in Sun International as genuine sustainable community development.  

Sun International demonstrates its commitment to social upliftment and wealth creation for communities and stakeholders directly and indirectly affected by our operations. We believe that we can make a difference in society by collaborating with other major role-players to deliver on the objectives of our identified areas of focus. Stakeholders will vary from our own employees, public and private sector, Public Benefit Organisations (PBO) and the communities we work in. Combined resources and partnering with the right stakeholders add a lot more value and create a bigger impact on communities and their ability to sustain themselves in the long-term.

A shared value is recreated when both parties (community and business) benefit from an initiative.  For communities, CSV is measured through indicators such as literacy, education and levels of access to employment. For business, a return on investment is measured by the lasting positive impact and self-sustaining structure all CSV programmes ought to have on the business.

Sun International Socio-Economic Development Objectives and Focus Areas

Sun International seeks to be innovative when embarking on SED initiatives. We focus on projects that impact our communities positively and afford them access to the country’s economy whilst recognizing the value of developing a sustainable model that connects our social investment to our core business strategy. We are passionate about the future and believe that creating shared value is the way forward for both business and communities.

To fully leverage our efforts, we have strategically focused our endeavors to align to our sustainable business and marketing strategies, with our key focus being on education, sport, and arts and culture. 

Our focus remains on an improved business environment, from regular impact evaluation on our SED Programmes, to ensuring that our initiatives change the trajectory of the communities we serve.

The Focus Areas for Sun International’s SED programmes

SED Applicants

The following criteria applies when registering for any socio-economic development assistance:

  • Must be a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) and/or be a section 21 (not for gain) company and /or a registered charitable trust
  • Must have been in existence for more than two years; and
  • Have audited financial statements


Sun International’s socio-economic development programme does not provide assistance for:

  • Religious groups and their activities
  • Political parties and their activities
  • Travel