The Sun International Journey

Sun International Limited was incorporated in South Africa on 11 July 1967. Following a scheme of arrangement Kersaf Investments Limited ("Kersaf") came into being on 28 June 1984, subsequently listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the same year. This enabled Kersaf to acquire an interest in the Sun International Group, which had been established on 1 October 1983.

Kersaf's original interests were in shipping, leisure, cinemas and restaurants. Over the next 20 years the group's hotel and casino interests grew significantly under the Sun International brand. During this time Kersaf gradually disposed of its other investments and acquired the minority interests of its then listed subsidiary, Sun International (South Africa) Limited, culminating in Kersaf being renamed Sun International Limited (SIL) on 6 August 2004.

With a market capitalisation of approximately US$1.4-billion, Sun International is the leading casino operator in the southern hemisphere and enjoys a 42.5% share of the South African casino market. As one of Africa's most significant tourism and leisure groups, Sun International owns and operates internationally acclaimed tourism resorts, luxury hotels and urban entertainment operations in eight countries, including South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Chile. More than half of this portfolio has been developed in the last 15 years, with new projects having been launched in West Africa and South America.

Sun International has pioneered the development of tourism industries in a number of jurisdictions, but notably South Africa from the 1970s, Mauritius in the mid-1970s, at the inception of its tourism industry development; and in the Bahamas, where a major development was undertaken on Paradise Island, transforming the island and establishing the Bahamas as a major tourism destination.

Every day, over 50,000 customers from over 50 countries visit a Sun International property.

Over a period of three decades in South Africa alone, the group has invested more than US$1.5-billion in new tourism infrastructure. It employs some 10,000 people, has indirectly created 50,000 new employment opportunities in the broader tourism industry, and it has been estimated that its business has a direct impact on the livelihood of more than 500,000 people in southern Africa.

Sun International's track record and history as a globally-significant tourism, leisure and casino group, its stated commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership with regional and local government, and its experience in respect of advancing the public interest through regeneration and other transformation projects, provides evidence that the group is well placed to make an appropriate and substantial contribution to the further evolution of a stable, growing, accountable, reliable and responsible tourism industry wherever it operates.

Sun International Limited invests in and manages businesses in the hotel, resort and casino industry.

The group is specifically focused on the development, operation and management of hotels, resorts and casinos. We will continue to position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities in those markets where we can achieve a strong market position benefiting from our innovation and depth of experience.

  • 2018

    Time Square

    Hotel and Conferencing opened in March 2018

  • 2017

    Time Square

    Casino and Restaurants opened in April 2017; Arena opened in November 2017

  • 2014/2015

    Ocean Sun Casino, Nao Casino

  • 2012/2013

    Boardwalk Hotel, Maslow

  • 2009

    Federal Palace

  • 2008


  • 2006

    Golden Valley

  • 2005


  • 2004


  • 2002

    Meropa, Flamingo

  • 2001

    Zambezi Sun, The Royal Livingstone

  • 2000

    GrandWest, Boardwalk

  • 1999

    Carnival City

  • 1997

    The Table Bay

  • 1994

    The Palace of the Lost City

  • 1991


  • 1990

    Kalahari Sands Hotel

  • 1989

    Morula Casino and Hotel, Fish River Sun, Naledi Sun

  • 1984

    Cascades Hotel, Lesotho Sun, Gaborone Sun

  • 1983

    JSE Listing

    Sun International listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

  • 1981

    Wild Coast Sun

  • 1979

    Sun City

  • 1974

    Ezulwini Sun

  • 1970

    Lugogo Sun

  • 1969

    Maseru Sun

  • 1966

    Royal Swazi